How to make Jewelry

Making jewelry is simple but does take some planning, time and effort. When you know what you are doing and have the materials and tools on hand, you can make a pair of earrings in less than 5 minutes.

When you make your own jewelry, you get to make it personalized to YOU. You get exactly the look you want. In addition, you save money. If you find you enjoy your projects, you can sell them for a profit.

Jewelry Making Videos

We tried to order these videos from easy to more complicated. If you want a simple project start with the first video. The last video takes much more effort and time.

    • How to Make Simple Beaded Earrings
      Our first video on making jewelry is: How to Make Earrings. It goes through step by step on how to make simple beaded earrings. I’ve been complimented for years on pearl and gemstone earrings I have made this way. I have successfully sold these for years at craft fairs and jewelry shows. On our How to Price Your Crafts page it shows pricing for earrings of this type, though your pricing may vary depending on the vendors you use.
    • Making Memory Wire Bracelets Made Easy
      Here is a useful video we made to help you make bracelets: How to Make Beaded Bracelets. Learn how simple making beaded bracelets can be. Friends love these bracelets – they make really wonderful gifts. I enjoy making them, wearing them, and giving them away as gifts. Some friends want to buy them so there is a nice market for selling them as well.
    • How to Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry
      Here are great instructions on How to Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry. It goes through step by step how to make a wire wrapped gemstone pendant. It is simple, fun and rewarding to make wire wrapped jewelry. There is more market for this type of jewelry than the simple beaded earrings above and it doesn’t take much longer to make.
    • How to Make Heart Shaped Jewelry
      Here are great instructions on How to Make Heart Jewelry. It goes through step by step how to make a wire wrapped heart gemstone pendant. It is beautiful and much more affordable than a jewelry store.
    • How to Make Wire and Gemstone Bangle Bracelets
      Here are great instructions on Making Wire Bracelets. It teaches you step by step on making a wire wrapped gemstone bangle bracelets. It is wonderfully handcrafted and stylish.

Jewelry Making Tools

There are different jewelry making tools desired depending on your project. Be sure you have the specific tools you want for each project. Some basic tools for beading include:

    • Pliers (usually several sizes & types of pliers come in handy)
    • Tweezers (straight and bent depending on what you are making)
    • Mandrels (if making wire wrap jewelry)
    • Wire cutters (I often use nail cutters)
    • Bead Board (or good work space)
    • Clippers (for thread, if beading)
    • Polishing Cloth (if sterling silver gets tarnished)

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